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Wildflower Engagement Photos at Utah’s Snowbasin Resort

Melissa & Owen’s stunning session with a snowy mountain backdrop and multicolored wildflower field.

Melissa and Owen’s wedding is coming up in August and we can’t wait to be a part of it! Melissa and Owen are in a long distant engagement. Melissa is living in northern Utah and Owen lives about two hours away in Wyoming.

Melissa and Owen are very outdoorsy and wanted to incorporate that into their engagement session. They did a lot of location scouting themselves, which is always great! We love to photograph engagement sessions that feel true to our couples in locations that are special to them. So anytime you find a location you love, we are always happy to explore it and take your photos there.

Melissa and Owen found a beautiful spot just outside of Snow Basin near Ogden, Utah. This location had wildflowers, pine trees, and aspen trees, which offered them a lot of variety in their gallery. I have never photographed at Snow Basin before, so I was excited for the chance to get to explore a new area and find new beautiful locations for portraits (which I did!!). On the road into Snow Basin, there was a small patch of wildflowers on the side of the road. I knew that if I used the right lens and angle, I could make it look a lot bigger than it was and feature multicolored wildflowers and yellow wildflowers in the spot that Melissa and Owen had found. I also decided to check out a third location that was a bit of a drive from Snow Basin (15 minutes), but was supposed to have really epic views of the mountain range. The location was perfect, so we decided to add that into their session as well. It ended up being spectacular!

My first time photographing at Snow Basin was a raging success and we can’t wait to go back and photograph more engagement sessions in this area, especially because this area was fairly private when it comes to other photographers. I was surprised how few photographers there were in the canyon on a Sunday evening-coming from Utah County portraits in the canyons where you are shoulder to shoulder with another photographer anywhere you go. That was a pleasant surprise!

If you’re hoping for wildflower engagement photos, reach out to us, so that we can give you our best suggestions for a location based on time of year!

I hope you love Melissa and Owen’s engagement photos as much as I do.


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