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Unique Wedding Food Ideas

Nothing makes a wedding better than fun food! Our favorite unique wedding foods, with images from weddings we have photographed across the US.

I have been SO excited to write this blog post, because unique wedding foods are always a favorite of mine. As a Utah wedding photographer, I’ve seen how unique food & drink can uplevel a wedding, and I can’t wait to share some inspiration from our couples below.

Who says weddings have to stick to the same old boring menu? Shake things up with a food truck, custom menu based on your personalities, food cooked in front of guests, or ANY type of “bar”. By thinking outside the box, you’ll give your guests a culinary experience they’ll never forget.

Wondering how to make it more personal? Your wedding should be as unique as you are, so why not let your menu reflect that? Serve up family recipes, dishes inspired by your travels, or even childhood favorites. By adding personal touches to your menu, you’ll make your wedding meal feel like a true celebration of your love.

Choosing unique wedding foods is a delicious way to make your Utah wedding stand out from the crowd. From embracing local flavors to getting creative with your menu, there are endless ways to wow your guests with tasty treats. So go ahead, get your grub on, and let’s make some mouthwatering memories together! Cheers to love, laughter, and lots of good eats!


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