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Private Idaho Orchard Blossom Mini Sessions

Scheduling your family portraits at a private orchard that’s in full bloom? There’s nothing better.

We are so excited to have exclusive access to a rural Idaho fruit orchard. My favorite thing about this orchard, and the reason I knew I had to get us access is because they have multiple varieties of trees. This means that there are many different types of blossoms each year. So, if you love the pink blossoms, we can make that happen. If you love the white blossoms, we can make that happen. If you love the big fluffy apple blossoms, they also have those! It is to die for. This location is perfect for any type of portrait session including families, couples, and even senior portraits. Here are three tips for scheduling your blossom session.

Tip number one: Follow the advice of your photographer. We keep in close contact with the owners of the orchard throughout the spring to make sure that we can get you in when the flowers are perfectly blooming. That totally depends on the year, based on weather, frost and how quickly the spring season sets in. You may need to be flexible with dates and times, based on how each year goes. So check with your photographer, or if you work with us, we will keep you in the loop.

Tip number two: Photographing in an orchard can sometimes be muddy, so we always suggest bringing an extra pair of shoes to walk in and change into your shoes once we get up to the spot. It can also be wet or dewy, especially if you choose a sunrise session, so we alway suggest bringing a cute blanket to sit on as well for portraits.

Tip number three: If you are choosing to book a mini session, remember that the time will go quickly. We always suggest bringing anything that will help your kiddos.Treats, snacks or incentives are always a great idea. Here are some beautiful blossom portraits from this years mini sessions in rural Idaho.


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