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Planning your SLC Capitol Portrait Session

Our clients love scheduling portrait sessions at the SLC Capitol. Here are the tips and need to knows if you want to schedule your portrait session there as well.

This blog post will be features photos from Karli & Dru’s stunning spring SLC Capitol Portrait Session. The capitol is such a formal location, so it was a perfect pick for Karli & Dru. Their photos were absolutely stunning and we will be using them to reference certain locations throughout this blog post.

There are a few things that you need to determine before scheduling your portrait session at the capitol. The first is whether or not you would like to plan your portraits inside, outside, or both.

The best time to photograph indoors at the capitol is going to be in the middle of the day. This is because the indoor light at the capitol comes from overhead skylights, and we want to schedule when that light will be the most prominent to avoid needing to use an external flash which will alter the look of your images. If you want to photograph outside, the best time to start is going to be in the evenings. If it is cherry blossom season, we will start on a weekday at sunrise to avoid crowding. If you want to incorporate both options into your session, we highly suggest starting around 2 pm to get the best light inside and also a softer light outside.

When photographing inside the capitol, there are several beautiful locations. Our personal favorites are the staircase and the arches. Our favorite way to approach photographing indoors at the capitol is to use the architecture of the capitol in our composition to create interesting and flattering images.

When photographing outside of the capitol, we love to use the stairs, upper balcony and fountain in the back. During blossom season, of course we love to use the cherry blossom walkway in front of the capitol.

Parking at the capitol is AMAZING. Unless it is cherry blossom season, it is really easy to find good parking that is quickly accessible to the front of the capitol where we meet our clients. Most of the parking is free which is a huge bonus.

The SLC capitol is a great location to get classic and timeless portraits. It looks very formal, but also is quite neutral so it will flattering with whatever you choose to wear color wise.


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