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LDS Wedding Family Portrait List

View our sample LDS wedding family portrait list. We can get through this list in around twenty-five minutes and it is easy to copy and paste!

We talk with a lot of brides who are dreading the family portrait time on your wedding day. LDS temple weddings typically have the worst reputation for family portraits because there are usually so many friends and family members at the temple, and we have ALL been to weddings where family portraits took hours. An unorganized photographer can really make that process miserable.

Our team prioritizes a seamless experience by doing a planning call pre-wedding to discuss family situations and build a custom family portrait list. We come prepared with two photographers as well as the custom portrait list that we have built together. We are firm believers that family portraits do not need to take longer than twenty-five minutes. This is totally custom to you, your families, and what they want to do. Some families will request a longer list, which is totally fine.

Here is our sample family portrait list, that is typically able to be completed in less than twenty-five minutes.

  1. Full Group (all extended family and friends)

2. Bride’s Grandparents & Grooms Grandparents (typically done separately)

3. Bride’s Immediate Family

4. Bride’s Siblings

5, 6, & 7. Bride’s Parents, Both Parents, Groom’s Parents

8. Groom’s Immediate Family

9. Groom’s Siblings

10. Nieces & Nephews (We usually will fit this into your lineup as soon as possible, so that the kiddos can be done with portraits ASAP)!

All of these portraits can be done with both the bride and groom, but for the parent portraits we suggest doing individual portraits as well as portraits with both the bride and the groom.

Moments like these that happen during family portraits are beyond special, and a huge reason why we began bringing 2 photographers to each wedding. Remember, we believe in between moments are JUST as important as your formal portraits!

This LDS wedding family portrait list covers the basics and can be easily adjusted if you need to add in step-families or other unique situations. If you are wanting to bring in more extended family portraits, and more individual portraits, the list will get longer and the time taken will also be longer. That is totally up to you and your preference.

After we work through family portraits, we typically will move into bridal party portraits, because of course you need photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well! One great thing about bringing 2 photographers to each wedding is the ability we have to take multiple portraits at one time. For example, one photographer can grab the bride and bridesmaids to do those portraits, at the same time the other photographer is working with the groom and groomsmen!

After we finish bridal party portraits, we like to do a few husband and wife portraits. Even if we have already done a bridal session, we just like to make sure you have a few photos with your freshly sealed joy!

LDS wedding family portraits get a bad rap, but all in all, our team typically spends sixty to ninety minutes outside the temple for ALL the photos on your wedding day, depending on your custom portrait needs.


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