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Thanksgiving Point: Ashton Gardens Portrait Sessions

Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point is one of most popular requests for portrait sessions. Here is everything you need to know about scheduling your portrait session there, including what seasons are the best.

Ashton Gardens is an absolutely stunning location at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. Ashton Gardens is a paid-to-visit location, but they have the option to pay for a photography pass and schedule a session there as well. This is a more expensive location in Utah to photograph at because of the photography fees, golf cart rental fees, etc. that we will discuss a little later in this blog post.

Despite the cost, if you’re dreaming of photos in a rose garden, this is the place for you. It is absolutely stunning, so classy, and very timeless. Some of our all time favorite photos have been taken at Ashton Gardens.

The first thing you need to know about scheduling your portrait session at Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point is that there is a photography fee. If you’re bringing a videographer, you will need to pay the fee for both your photographer and your videographer. Each person coming to the session will also be charged an entrance fee to get into Ashton Gardens.

The second thing you need to know is this park is hundreds of acres, so you will absolutely want to include a golf cart rental in your plan. The golf carts seat four people, so if you’re bringing friends or family with you to the session, we will need to plan extra time shuttling people back and forth to the locations. Ashton Gardens is actually a location we recommend not bringing additional people to so that we can cut back on cost and time.

Our favorite locations to photograph in Ashton Gardens is the Rose Garden. This is in bloom during the middle of the summer, and is beyond stunning. This is our favorite bridal session location in Utah for so many reasons, as you’ll see below in Colbe and Biddy’s bridals.

Despite the challenges in planning a session at Ashton Gardens, the photos are always worth it and the experience is great. It is a really romantic and beautiful location to have portraits taken. However, because it is open to the public, it does get very busy especially during events Thanksgiving Point puts on (Tulip Festival and other activities). To work around these crowds, we suggest scheduling here on weeknight evenings.

We love photographing at Ashton Gardens portrait sessions, and hope you enjoy these photos from Colbe and Biddy’s bridal session.


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