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10 Wedding Exit Ideas

Ten of our all time favorite wedding exit ideas, plus links for purchasing the supplies!

Trying to come up with a wedding exit idea that feels like YOU? Here is a list of our 10 favorite exits!

Wedding Exit Idea #1: Balloons!

Olivia & Luke gave their guests each an ivory balloon, and I LOVED the result. This was SUCH a fun exit! I definitely suggest letting guests blow them up instead of using helium, for easier cleanup.

Wedding Exit Idea #2: Bubbles

Bubbles are SO much fun, but they can be tricky to pull off. I highly suggest getting 2-3 bubble guns (strategically place these throughout the line, and have them running for a bit before you come out), as well as the individual little bubble tubes for each guest. If you just give each guest a small bubble tube, the effect isn’t as intense.

Wedding Exit Idea #3: Bells

Emily & Tom were married in December, and these little bells were SO much fun! Their send off felt so joyful, and the bells were lovely in their wedding decor as well.

Wedding Exit Idea #4: Flower Petals

Real or fake, flower petals are so much fun! We definitely suggest choosing either red or white for the best effect, and giving each guest a good handful.

Wedding Exit Idea #5: Streamers

These handheld streamers are definitely trending and SO easy to clean up! A 30 pack is definitely plenty. These pile up!

Wedding Exit Idea #6: Cell Phone Flashlights

This was a unique idea that Bridget and John had. I absolutely love the look of the flashlights in the back!!

Wedding Exit Idea # 7: Classic Sparklers

Everyone LOVES a sparkler exit (except some venues, all photographers, and anyone with a fear of fire… just kidding). We love a sparkler exit, unless guests have had too much to drink. We highly recommend choosing 22″ sparklers for the longest lasting light!

Wedding Exit Idea #8: Lavender

By far the BEST smelling exit we have ever photographed! This was such a fun and unique idea from Annie & Chris’ Boise Train Depot wedding.

Wedding Exit Idea #9: Confetti

We LOVE a confetti exit, and truly feel like there’s nothing better. I personally suggest doing 1 confetti popper for each parent and bridal party member (10-20 total is great). I love silver or gold confetti for the best “pop” in your images.

Wedding Exit Idea #10: Bagpipes

Want to incorporate your family histories and tradition into your wedding day? This bagpipe exit was SO fun, and a huge hit with the guests!

We truly love wedding exits, and hope this post helped you find one that you love!


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