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Payson Temple Bridal Session

Natalie and Kenny’s sunset bridal session at the Payson Temple was classy and timeless. The stone work at the temple adds a beautiful dimension to your bridal and wedding photos.

Natalie and Kenny wanted a very formal and classy bridal session, so they planned their session at Provo Castle(a really cool structure below the Provo Hospital). A lot of people associate this location with Provo Orchards as well. Both the Provo Orchards and Provo Castle are owned by the hospital, and accessible together. (In order to photograph here, please remember you will need to schedule a time though the hospital. You cannot just show up.)

Natalie and Kenny started their bridal session by sharing a first look at Provo Castle, and doing a bunch of classic bridal portraits there. It was absolutely stunning, and completely fitting with Natalie’s princess gown. After finishing at Provo Castle, Natalie, Kenny and Halie headed south to the Payson Temple to finish off the bridal session with sunset pictures at the temple, so they could have the dreamy sunset glow at the temple where they were getting married.

These are some of our all time favorite sunset bridal portraits, and we can’t wait to do more sessions like this in 2024. One thing that we love about photographing at Payson Temple is the color of the stone. The color of the stone is beautiful and very complimentary to all skin tones and all lighting situations. It is truly one of our favorites, and these portraits of Natalie and Kenny are as well!


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