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Memory Grove Park Portrait Sessions

Everything you need to know about scheduling a Memory Grove Park portrait session.

Everything you need to know about planning your Memory Grove Park Portrait Session!

Memory Grove Park is located in the Salt Lake City suburbs just below the capitol. It is absolutely stunning all year round, and has a lot of different areas we can use to photograph. Because it is in a residential area, there is a lot of foot traffic at this location so we prefer to shoot at sunrise.

If we are meeting at sunset, we will ask you to arrive thirty minutes early because you may have to park up to a mile away due to crowded street parking for local homeowners. The simplest way to access Memory Grove Park is going to be to park up at the capitol, and walk down the hill. There is a beautiful pathway with an ivy wall we like to photograph on as well, so parking up at the capitol kills two birds with one stone.

Our three favorite locations to photograph at the park are the Ivy wall, the stairs and this beautiful bridge that feels straight out of a fairy tale, especially in the summer when the leaves are all full of color! Some of our favorite sessions have been at Memory Grove Park because it is such a classic and timeless look.

Lindy and McKay’s portrait session at Memory Grove Park was in mid March. Another great thing about Memory Grove Park portrait sessions is that it looks great for almost the entire year, which is rare in Utah!


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