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Kyhv Peak Bridal Session

No better view than Kyhv Peak in Provo for your bridal portraits.

Every year we get a ton of requests to do bridal sessions at Kyhv Peak (formerly Squaw Peak)… because who doesn’t want portraits like this??

We reserve a limited number of dates for sessions at Kyhv Peak because there are some complexities to shooting at this location. We will chat all about those, and share photos from Brenna and Dylan’s bridal session at Kyhv Peak (formerly Squaw Peak) throughout this post!

The first thing you need to know about Kyhv Peak is that it was formerly known as Squaw Peak. The name was changed, but everything else is the same. 😉

It is not the Overlook, where people park for the view, it’s actually up further. You’re going to take a left at the main fork, instead of a right where you’d head to the overlook. Kyhv Peak is up significantly higher, and the road is very difficult to access. We only work with clients there if you have a 4WD truck/SUV/larger car, not a sedan. You will definitely want AWD or 4WD as there are a lot of potholes, and It is really difficult to navigate.

Once you arrive at the location, we will take a quick hike (manageable, not exhausting). We recommend all of our clients bring shoes to walk in, and we are always happy to bring a changing tent if you would prefer to hike in comfortable clothing. This location is in high demand because of the stunning views.

Kyhv Peak is in the highest demand in the fall, because the trees turn absolutely beautiful colors, and the view is unlike anything else in Provo. In the fall, we shoot there on weekdays at sunrise to avoid the crowds. The light is beautiful at sunrise because of the direction that it faces, so we are always happy to meet you up there early.

Kyhv Peak (Squaw Peak) is stunning and one of our favorite locations. We can’t wait to shoot there again this year! Brenna and Dylan’s Kyhv Peak bridal session is still one of our all time favorite sessions from this location-it could not have been more perfect! We love the mountain in the back contrasted with the wide open field. It makes such a beautiful background.


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