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Snowy Winter Bridal Portraits

Taylor & Kyton shared a first look in 6 inches of fresh powder, a few hours ahead of a major winter storm.

We watched the weather all week for Taylor and Kyton’s mountain bridal photos. They wanted to go to the mountains for their bridal session, and be surrounded by snow and trees. Lucky for them, the week that we had chosen had a massive winter storm roll through. We started watching the weather on Thursday, worried about how much fresh snow we might have by Saturday. As the snow fell all day Friday, we knew we may have to make a change. We bumped their session up from 3 PM to 10 AM hoping that we could get out of the mountains before the winter storm warning (it didn’t seem like it could get much worse) started. Luckily, Taylor drives an awesome truck with 4WD so we were able to head up the mountain with all the fresh powder and get to a beautiful snowy location for their portraits.

This private location, accessible only to our photography team, is hard to access but always perfect. 30 minutes from Boise, and completely private-no other photographers competing for the best spots! Once we arrive at the top of the hill, we have access to the interior of a cabin where you can change and get ready. Taylor and Kyton got into their bridal gear and we headed out to share their first look on a quiet snowy morning. It was so special! I shoveled out a few areas where they could stand without having to be in the deep powder, and we captured the most romantic images. Plus, it wasn’t as cold as it was forecasted to be.

We love this mountain location in the summer and the winter, but there is something extra special about snow on the evergreens. Here are some of our favorites from Taylor and Kyton’s snowy bridal portraits.


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