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Wedding Day Detail Portrait List

Being prepared ahead of time for your wedding day detail portraits makes your wedding morning so much simpler. Here’s our reference list we recommend to all of our couples!

As wedding photographers, we understand the significance of every detail on your special day. From the stunning dress to the carefully chosen decor, these elements come together to create a narrative of your love story, and set the tone for your wedding gallery. Every bride has different detail priorities, so take this list and evaluate what you want to have photographed individually! We highly recommend setting all of these details into one area in your getting ready suite, so that when we arrive we can get going on your detail portraits immediately (and so you don’t have to run around looking for your heirlooms)!

  1. The Bridal Attire:
    Your wedding dress, shoes, veil, and accessories reflect your personal style and enhancing your overall look. Having these items ready will allow me to capture exquisite images that showcase the intricate details and the elegance of your ensemble. Consider including any sentimental pieces, such as heirloom jewelry or a special pair of shoes, to add a personal touch. If you are changing into a separate dress or have any custom clothing items, keep these together as well, and your photographer will love you!!
  2. The Groom’s Details:
    The groom’s attire and accessories deserve their own spotlight as well. Be sure to bring the tie, cufflinks, shoes, watch, and any other items that contribute to his look. These elements provide an opportunity to capture the groom’s style and personality, which deserves the spotlight just as much as a brides!
  3. Wedding Rings and Jewelry:
    Your wedding rings are a unique representation of the each of you. After photographing over 100 weddings, we have never seen the same ring twice. Having all 3 rings together and ready to go, along with any other meaningful jewelry pieces, will allow me to capture close-up shots that showcase their beauty and significance. Consider including any family heirlooms or sentimental pieces that hold a special place in your heart.
  4. Invitation Suite and Stationery:
    Your wedding stationery sets the tone for your special day and deserves to be beautifully documented.
  5. Floral Arrangements:
    Flowers SET THE TONE for your wedding day! Ask your florist to send a few extra blooms along when dropping off your bouquets, so that we can use the florals in your detail portraits!

Here are some examples of the detail portraits we can create, along with what you’ll need to bring for these types of images.

wedding detail portraits

We love photographing a hanging dress. Although we try to bring a nice hanger, it isn’t always possible for our travel weddings. Please make sure to have a nice hanger for your dress if a hanging dress portrait is a must for you!!

utah wedding photography tips

This couple brought not one, but TWO invitation suites, so that their wedding detail portraits could include both the front and back of their invitation. I highly recommend this if you have a double sided invite.

utah wedding photography tips

See the difference extra blooms can add to otherwise basic portraits!! We can incorporate your bouquet, like what’s sampled above to the right, but it is always nice to have smaller florals to incorporate.

We love capturing sentimental reception details like these as well!

utah wedding photography tips

Heirloom jewelry and mens details are a great wait to add depth into your wedding gallery.

utah wedding photography tips


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