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5 Sparkler Exit Alternatives

Planning a wedding, but can’t use sparklers? For a variety of different reasons, sometimes sparklers are just off the table. If you’re looking for a unique idea, you’ll love this list of our 5 Favorite Sparkler Wedding Exit Alternatives!

Most of our brides are beyond excited about planning their wedding exit!! It marks the end of your celebration, and we LOVE this rapidly growing tradition. While sparkler exits have long been a popular choice, there are plenty of other creative and captivating wedding exit alternatives to consider. Here are some of my favorite unique sparkler exit alternatives!

Number 1: Glow Sticks! Create a vibrant and colorful vibe with glow sticks. Guests can wave them in the air as you make your exit, producing a super fun and colorful bokeh in your images. Glow wands or LED fountains like below are super fun to use as well and add extra depth (which makes for AMAZING portraits)!

sparkler exit wedding alternatives

Number 2: Bubbles!! Guests can blow bubbles as you walk through your tunnel, creating a whimsical and romantic ambiance. PRO TIP: Purchase 3-4 bubble guns and station them throughout your exit tunnel for added depth & extra fun!! The couple below doubled up on bubbles and our Number 3: Ribbon Wands! My favorite part about ribbon wands is that you can get them in your wedding color scheme, which makes things extra cohesive and fun for your guests. Plus, they can take them home, and kids love them!!

bubble wedding exit

Number 4: Flower Petals! Embrace the romance of a classic flower petal toss with my personal favorite, white rose petals. Guests can shower you as you walk hand in hand, adding a touch of elegance to your exit. This is something fun to add during your first dance or as you walk down the aisle after tying the knot as well!

rose petal wedding exit

Number 5: Balloons! If you’re seeking a burst of energy and FUN for your wedding exit, balloons are the way to go. With a balloon exit, you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, sheens, and colors to match your wedding theme. This brings out the FUN for your guests, and you! As you walk through the floating and bouncing balloons with your new spouse, I promise there will be laughter all around!

balloon wedding exit

Which of these exit options was your favorite?


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