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3 Keys for a FUN Wedding Reception

Want to ditch the “line” and other bland traditions? This post is for you, and it includes my 3 suggestions I have for all of our couples planning a party-centered wedding reception!

We have photographed weddings all over the US, and when it comes to planning a wedding reception, most of our couples are ditching the “stand in a line and shake hands with your parents friends” tradition, and embracing the idea that “it’s their party they can dance if they want to.” Sound familiar? We would probably be a perfect fit for capturing your wedding day. You can learn more about our team here! However, most brides haven’t thrown a wedding or large scale party like this before, so here are the 3 things I HIGHLY suggest incorporating into your party wedding reception!

bride wedding reception short party dress

A Skilled DJ:
Hiring an experienced DJ is an absolute MUST. Not only do they act as an MC (usually), but their ability to read the crowd and adjusting the music accordingly keeps the energy high and the dance floor packed. They have the expertise to seamlessly transition between songs, mix different genres, and cater to diverse musical tastes. I always recommend following a DJ on social media before booking. My favorite DJ’s almost always have a super strong and fun social media presence on wedding days, that will allow you to get an idea of what it might feel like to have them at your party! Also, a DJ with lights is an absolute MUST.

bride and groom party dancing glow wands

Photo Booth & Interactive Guest Activities:
When it comes to an all night party, guests can tend to get bored, or the party can die off after a while of dancing. *I know, I’m sorry… but it is true!* Having interactive opportunities for guests keeps them having fun and involved throughout the night. My favorite (probably biased here, but I don’t care) is a photo booth, because not only do your guests have fun, most photo booths allow for the bride and groom to get a complete copy of all the images throughout the night. I would even count a food truck or open buffet as an “interactive guest activity.” Just keep things moving a bit throughout the night to keep guests engaged.

wedding photo booth inspiration

Glow Wands:
Glow wands are ALWAYS a hit, from older guests to young kids. They add so much fun and life to a party, and they usually last through the entire night. My favorite things I have seen? Incorporating them into the reception right after the couples’ first dance! Having the bridal party members or wedding planning team prepped and ready to help pass them out as the first song starts playing keeps that transition seamless, and encourages guests to get out on the dance floor!! These can also be used in your grand exit!

wedding party dancing photos

Your wedding reception is a time for FUN, especially after the more serious events earlier in the day. Remember, it is ultimately YOUR wedding, so choose the vibe that feels like you, and if that means a PARTY, then by all means, get your dancing shoes on & your favorite beverage in your hand. I’ll be there with my camera. 🎉

All photos used are from Brandi & Zach’s Hattiesburg, Mississippi wedding day – the ultimate party reception!


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