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McKay’s First Birthday Party!

A full recap of my over-the-top, low-key, sports themed birthday party for McKay!

Ok, who knew that planning a birthday party was sooo much work (and we kept it LOW KEY)!! 😳

Austin wanted to do something VERY chill, with just our close family and friends, so we planned a pizza party with lawn games. An opportunity just to hang out and have fun! I made a BIG mistake of getting onto Pinterest, and found a few decor things I wanted to incorporate. I LOVED everything I saw with the “Beary First Birthday” theme, but Austin and I BOTH loved the idea of a sports themed birthday party, so that’s what we ended up doing instead.

From there, my next mistake was getting onto Amazon… but I found the cutest things. Remember how I said we were keeping it low-key? Well, one balloon arch later… I had gone a little overboard. I still think it was relatively low-key compared to the Pinterest and Instagram influencer birthday parties… but I had a lot of fun! Here is how it all turned out!

I had to add in the third photo in case you thought it was all fun and games… It wasn’t. 😂

The above mentioned balloon arch that none of my other kids will ever be having at a birthday party in the future because HOLY HARD and time consuming. 😂⬇️

bay boy sports themed birthday party balloon arch

Austin called this our “McKay shrine,” but I thought it was pretty cute! His monthly banner is linked here. I loved this banner (so user friendly) and having it right below our Frame TV made it look so seamless, plus the big family picture was my favorite on the TV. I thought this banner was so cute, but I’m not going to lie… it only lasted like an hour after this picture because McKay was obsessed with pulling and eating it. 😂

Ok, my other insane amount of work for very little reward, but something I WILL be doing for all my other kids birthday parties was these adorable cupcake toppers!! I thought these were so much fun, and they added such a personal aspect to the party!

first birthday dessert ideas


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