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3 Tips for Planning an LDS Wedding

3 LDS wedding tips that will help make your temple wedding day seamless and stress-free!

LDS Weddings are just different than traditional weddings, and along with that comes a few unique needs. Here are 3 things I wish I could tell every LDS bride, from my experience being a part of over 100 LDS temple wedding days!

Number 1: Be sure to eat food and drink water throughout the day. This is a generic tip, I know. BUT, it applies to more than just you and your groom! We have seen bridal party members and family members pass out on wedding days because they were busy taking care of the bride and groom and not themselves. Please make sure that your bridal party and family are have opportunities to eat. A lot of LDS couples choose to have a bridal party member pick up food like donuts or pizza and bring it to the temple during the sealing (along with a case of waters). This is such a great idea!! It gives your guests something to do while they wait for you to exit, and allows everyone to stay hydrated and happy especially if you aren’t heading straight to a lunch or dinner. Plus, it guarantees that you will have food and water to grab quickly after your exit!

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Number 2: Make sure that you schedule buffer time between your sealing and lunch and/or reception. Sometimes sealings will run late (whether it is your sealing, the sealing before you, or a back-up with the exit) these things just happen and it’s really hard to predict and work around. Making sure that you have 20 extra minutes could be a lifesaver and allow you to get the portraits that you could *potentially* miss if your sealing runs late. We have seen this happen *many times* and we will do our very best to help you work around any timing issues that may come up, BUT it’s always a good idea to have some buffer time. PLUS, if we don’t need to use it, it gives you and your new spouse some time alone to reflect on your sealing.

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Number 3: Remember that when you exit the temple, your temple clothing, keys and phones will need to be taken care of-whether you leave them in the temple or have a family member/friend hold onto them for you. This is super important! If the person that you assign to hold onto that them leaves, you will be out of luck! Make sure that someone is assigned ahead of your wedding to take care of those details (and CLEARLY communicate what you’ll need), or make sure that you remember to bring your temple recommends out of the temple with you so that you can get back in to retrieve your items.

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Temple wedding days are the absolute best, but these three tips will help you make sure that you have a seamless experience!


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