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An Engagement Session at Squaw Peak

Mountain views, wildflower fields, and pastel outfits are the ingredients for the PERFECT engagement session, I swear. Plus, a mutual success story!!

If you are planning a spring engagement session, this is the outfit inspo you NEED!! The colors & textures that these two chose not only complimented each other, but also the landscape and natural colors around them. This is HUGE in photos!! We love it when clients choose to pair softer colors with bolder accents (like Natalie’s heels with her pastel dress, or Kenny’s dark jeans with Natalie’s cream top). This is my biggest tip when helping clients find balance in their outfits.

Natalie and Kenny met on mutual, just as Natalie was about to leave for a new job in Kentucky. (Is it just me, or do we always meet the right person at a slightly inconvenient-but perfect-time)? These two just couldn’t decide on a location for their engagement session, and ended up changing their minds a few different times… only to land on the most perfect spot, with the BEST view, AND WILDFLOWERS. Yes, I’m serious. 🙌🏼

This cute field is just off the path to Khyv (formerly Squaw) Peak in Provo, Utah. Most people skip it, and head to the main overlook or Buffalo Peak, but this view is JUST as good, if not better-especially if you love the mountains in Utah! It is best to schedule here at sunrise, because of the direction the light comes from, but if you need to choose an evening, we will want to schedule as close to sunset as possible. My favorite thing about this Squaw Peak location is the diversity! From sweeping mountain views to soft wildflower backgrounds, this gallery has it all. Enjoy!


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