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A Summer Mount Timpanogos & Alpine Backyard Wedding

A romantic outdoor wedding in the foothills of Alpine, Utah, and a Mount Timpanogos temple wedding photographed by the Carys Haslam team.

Shelby and Ryan took backyard weddings to a whole new level with their epic Alpine, Utah backyard wedding. They were sealed in the morning at the Mount Timpanogos temple, where we did their husband and wife, family, and bridal party portraits.

I love when couples choose to do bright colored bridesmaid dresses at the Mount Timpanogos temple, because they pop off of the stone so well (and the temple grounds are so large that it gives us a lot of room to photograph on). These bright coral dresses were absolutely perfect!

After finishing up formal portraits, we headed to the home where we started with Shelby‘s bridal details. A lot of LDS brides don’t realize that we can still get phenomenal detail portraits of your shoes, dress, rings, and any other special heirlooms like we do on a traditional wedding day. LDS wedding timelines are different than traditional weddings, but we love to incorporate detail time if you can add coverage onto your day ahead of your reception. We usually suggest doing 30 to 40 minutes ahead of the reception to lay out details, capture your most important heirlooms, and to arrive and photograph the reception area before your guests arrive (and leave purses and coats on chairs).

Shelby and Ryan used Crisp Catering. This is our first time working with Crisp, and we LOVED them. Their soda bar, fry bar, and grilled cheese was amazing, and such a hit. I think it’s underestimated how much the food that you choose for your wedding will really affect your guests, and Shelby and Ryan hit the nail on the head with Crisp. It was so much fun and such a pleasure to work with them.


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