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A Knowlton Mansion and Philadelphia LDS Temple Wedding

You will NOT want to miss this stunning Philadelphia wedding (and hearing all about my first time staying in an inner city😉)! Plus, insider info on what it’s like to take portraits in downtown Philadelphia!

After photographing Hannah and Ryan‘s Tibble Fork Engagement Session, we looked forward to meeting them in Philadelphia for their wedding day! Hannah and Ryan are so much fun, and we couldn’t wait to get to celebrate with all of their family and friends.

Austin and I arrived in Philadelphia, where we stayed in a sketchy little Airbnb around the corner from a delicious restaurant that we may have visited twice for breakfast. After staying in the rural suburbs of Philadelphia for another wedding a few months earlier, this was a whoooole different experience. Austin has spent a lot more time in inner cities than I have, and I was glad he was with me. It was such a unique opportunity to get to see Philadelphia the way the locals do, and it did make me grateful that I live in the country… But I would go back! I always love seeing what life is like for people in other places, it’s such a fascinating part of traveling.

Hannah and Ryan were sealed in the Philadelphia temple, they chose to fly us out because they wanted a photographer with LDS temple wedding experience, which can be hard to find outside of Utah. The Philadephia temple is right in the middle of downtown Philadelphia, and it is surrounded by other large buildings. It is so interesting to be at a temple where there is so much other noise on the grounds. It’s usually quiet and calm, but this was truly right in the city. As Hannah and Ryan exited, they greeted family and friends (we had the temple ground almost to ourselves🙌🏼). We had so much fun photographing Hannah and Ryan at the temple, and then we hopped in the car to head over to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, which is amazing. It is a outdoor “garden”, where almost everything-statues, walls, stairs, arches-are made of tiny broken ceramic mosaics. It was such a unique location, and it was so fun to get to do non-traditional portraits for Hannah and Ryan in Philadelphia. Then, we went down to the City Hall and got the classic middle-of-the-road-shot. Austin pulled up on to the median and parked the car so we could hop out quickly and get the shot. Anything for Hannah and Ryan!!!

We headed up to Knowlton Mansion for their wedding reception, which was such a unique venue. It’s a traditional old estate, and much of the furniture in the home is still original, so if you love history, this would be an awesome venue. There were so many beautiful areas for getting ready portraits, because the home still has functioning bedrooms. The downstairs has been opened into a stunning reception location. They also have a large wine cellar that is a really unique portrait location for their couples. The grounds were beautiful, and we stopped to take a few family portraits before we moved inside for the traditional reception events. Hannah and Ryan shared personal vows at the reception, along with first dances, family toasts, and a s’mores bar.

We had so much fun getting to come back out to Philadelphia for Hannah and Ryan, and are so excited for them in their next adventures, living in Scranton for grad school (yes, the electricity city😉).


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