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Meridian, Idaho Temple Bridal Session

A summer bridal session at the Meridian Temple and a rural field in Idaho. Plus, a crazy story about a last minute wedding dress delay, chasing down a FedEx truck, and turning lemons into lemonade!

Ashlynn and Adam had their bridal session scheduled on an ordinary evening, but it seemed like everything was working against us.

A few weeks earlier when Ashlynn‘s wedding dress first arrived, it didn’t fit. It had to be sent back to be re-altered!! When they got the arrival date for the dress, it was going to come on the day of the bridal session. As the day went on and went on, the package had still not arrived. Ashlynn and I were staying in touch throughout the day, and we started making some backup plans. The online tracking for the package said it would arrive by 7 PM, and we were scheduled to start at 6. We decided to push back the session and pray that the dress would arrive.

I got in the car to head to the Meridian temple, where we planned to start. The dress still hadn’t arrived.

Meanwhile, Ashlynn decided to take matters into her own hands. She got in the car, and chased down the FedEx van!! They looked all over, and they finally found the delivery driver. The delivery driver (an actual angel) pulled the package, they went home, Ashlynn got dressed and met Adam and I at the temple to start their bridal session!

It was the most beautiful night. We headed to a field in Caldwell to finish up the session with sunset portraits, and it was absolutely perfect.

Watching Ashlynn and Adam together was truly beautiful. It’s always such an honor to get to see other people love each other, but these two had something special. A deep, quiet respect and love for one another. They couldn’t help but be joyful and happy that they were getting married.

At the end of the session, Ashlynn told me she had a little something for me and pulled out a few dollars to go and get myself a slushy (this was in my mid-pregnancy, Sonic-slushy-craving-phase). It was the sweetest gesture! I absolutely loved this bridal session, and you will too!


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