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Tunnel Springs Engagement Session & Location Tips

All my tips for scheduling your session at Tunnel Springs Park, and photos from Kayla and Logan’s summer engagement session!

Kayla and Logan chose Tunnel Springs for their engagement session, and it was a dream. There had been several wildfires raging that were causing the air to be thick and smoky. Earlier in the week, Kayla had asked if it would still work well to do their portraits or if we needed to reschedule. We decided to go ahead and try, hoping for the best.

We ended up getting the most beautiful smoky sunset. It almost mirrored their pastel outfit colors! Kayla and Logan share so much joy together and it is clear to see that they love each other. Watching Logan look at Kayla was one of the most joyful things I’ve gotten to experience as a wedding photographer. He truly loves her, and she truly loves him. These two are going to do some incredible things, and I can’t wait to follow along and see what their story holds.

Since we are talking about Tunnel Springs, I’m going to throw in a few of my tips. This location can get really busy. It has been discovered by photographers in the past few years, and there is usually a LOT of crowding. I think the best time to shoot at Tunnel Springs is on a weeknight evening, to avoid crowds and other distractions. There are also a lot of mountain bikers at this location so be prepared to work around that as well. There are two parking lots. One main parking lot (near the tennis courts) and one dirt parking lot (continue driving past the tennis courts). If you can park in the upper dirt parking lot, that is the closest to the area where we shoot. Be prepared for a slight walk (5ish minutes) from the parking lot to the open field area.

What I love about Tunnel Springs is the open field look, but it also has an area with tall grass and tan weeds, which allows for extra variety in your gallery! In the spring, this location is green, but in the fall, it turns brown. Be prepared with what it may look like in the season you’re planning your session! This session was in the late summer.

My favorite outfit styles for this location are simple. I think the best way to show off the open landscape is to wear non-distracting outfits, earthy tones, or pastels. Kayla and Logan chose perfectly and their session is one of my favorites from this location.


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