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20 Minute Wedding Day Family Formal List

Dreading LONG family portraits? Here is our solution! A sample family portrait list for your wedding day, that will take 20 minutes!

WAIT, WHAT?? I thought wedding day family formals take hours (or at least feel like it)!

Family portraits are one of the most dreaded parts of most wedding days. If we work off of this basic wedding day family formal list, we can almost always finish family portraits in 20 minutes or less. This is exactly what we recommend to all of our clients, and then, if they have suggestions or additions they would like to make we add those on! For the quickest and most seamless experience, we suggest choosing around 10 groupings for wedding family formals to maximize speed and move on with other parts of the day. Most of our couples choose to do these basic family groupings and then get any other individual portraits with family or friends at the reception.

The basic family groupings that we suggest are:

  1. Bride and groom with each individual side of family
  2. Bride and groom with each set of parents
  3. Bride and groom with individual parents
  4. Bride and groom with each set of siblings
  5. Bride and groom with nieces and nephews (if you will have them at the wedding)
  6. Bride and groom with any grandparents

This is the most basic portrait list, that covers each of the MUST HAVE family portraits from a wedding day. We suggest for additional groupings with aunts and uncles, cousins, extended family or friends be done during the reception to avoid taking too much time from your cocktail hour. 


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