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Mapleton, Utah Spring Engagement Session

Pastel engagement session outfit inspiration from a spring session in Mapleton, Utah.

I was sitting on my couch, 7 months pregnant, drinking a slushie, and watching Lord of the Rings with Austin. It was my first time seeing the series, and we had made an agreement that if I watched all the movies with him, he would watch the entire series of This is Us with me. So, I was begrudgingly enduring the second night of our “marathon,” when I got a text from Halie. In all caps, “YOU WILL LOVE THESE!!” I sure did, and the memory of these pictures balances out the memory of 14 hours of Lord of the Rings. 😉

Karli found us on Instagram, and reached out last minute, with only 1 date available for an engagement session between trips that she and Dru had previously scheduled. We chatted in DM’s for a minute, hopped on a call, and the next day, got everything lined up for a quick engagement session a few weeks later. It ended up being one of our favorite engagement sessions of all time.

Their Mapleton, UT field spring engagement session has inspired MANY of our couples to choose this same location for a wide-open, romantic feel.

Can’t get enough of these two? Neither can we. View their wedding day here!


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