May 8, 2023

Long Story (NOT) Short

The Beginning:

I wasn’t the girl who decided she wanted to be a photographer when she was 5, and never stopped taking pictures. I thought I was going to be an attorney (yes, I was the 8 year old telling people “I want to get a law degree when I grow up”). In high school, I started to really enjoy photography-especially portrait photography, but it was just a hobby. After my first year of college, it was clear that the path I had always planned wasn’t where I was meant to go. That was a really challenging realization for me! I floundered a little bit, but during a visit home, I took some senior portraits for a friend. I felt invigorated. 

The Middle:

When I got back to school, I started looking for any jobs that related to photography, and diving into intense online education about light, posing, and running a business. I found an internship with a local photographer, assisting on wedding days. I loved it. I felt creative, and it was something that just FLOWED from me. After a year of working for her, I decided I could do this on my own. I dropped out of college (my inner child was ASHAMED), and I hit the ground running. 

The NOW (we aren’t anywhere near the end, I hope!): 

Since then, I have served over 100 couples, built a team of 3 amazing photographers, photographed in over 14 states, and survived the 70% chance of quitting in the first 3 years. I can’t wait for what is to come, the couples and families I will get to meet and serve, and the beautiful art I can continue to create. Stick around, grab a Diet Coke, and dive in. ❤️

xoxo, Carys